My name is Soo Hyun Cho, a graphic designer, and dream chaser. Welcome to my website. 

About Me


-     Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Studio Art at California University of Long Beach


-     Illustrator

-    Photoshop

-    HTML / CSS

-     Video Making


-     Advertising

-    Branding

-    Logo Design

My name is Soo Hyun Cho, a 22-year-old, and a graphic designer. I have been living in Orange County since I moved to California. In my opinion, Orange County is the most diverse county in California. As an artist, I gain inspiration from numerous and various cultures that I’d met. Sometimes that inspiration is transformed into a piece of artwork. I use the technological mediums (such as photoshop and illustrator) to create a design that demonstrates my capability to change inspirations to artworks and to meet customer needs. Moreover, I have learned how to communicate with each other, understand each other’s difference, and cooperate with one another to finish a project while living in diverse cultures. I am confident that I can express my capability and collaborate with others.



"For me, graphic design is not only the skill of combining text and pictures using a photoshop or illustration, but also the art of projecting my capability. Furthermore, for the next ten years goal is to set up a design company."


I’ve wanted to become an artist ever since I was little. I was the student who was always good at drawings and won a lot of awards. By then, Art was my lifeI have enjoyed going back and forth into a world of imagination that not many people visit. I wanted to see how that imagination and complete unreality transform into a print. Based on my observation, photoshop and illustrator was the right medium to express my imaginary world. You will look in my works, which show my imagination and interests in unreality world...

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